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Import Customs

Customs procedures:

All information about customs procedures, laws and regulations is available on the SKAT Danish tax authority website

Operational procedure:

All ports, except for Copenhagen Free-port

All cargo to Aarhus must be customs-cleared 24 hours before arrival. MSC Denmark A/S will send an Arrival Notice with feeder details by e-mail to consignee and/or his appointed forwarder 3-4 days before arrival.

Consignee is to either prepare custom clearance and advise custom clearance reference number to MSC Denmark or instruct MSC Denmark to facilitate clearance. 

All custom clearances have to be in status 11 in the Danish customs system and visible to MSC Denmark A/S at the deadline specified in the Arrival Notice. If this is not done, actual arrival time of feeder cannot be added to the customs clearance (by MSC Denmark) and cargo release will be delayed.

If the deadline is passed, MSC Denmark A/S can be forced to created a temporary clearance in the name of the cargo receiver or forwarder. After actual arrival is added, cargo still has to be released by the Danish customs, SKAT, (status 40). Consignee/forwarder is obligated to check that cargo has been released in the Customs System before picking up container at the port.

Copenhagen Free-port

As Copenhagen port is a free port, custom clearance does not need to be prepared until just before gate out. If MSC Denmark is to handle the trucking consignee should prepare custom clearance and advise custom clearance reference number to MSC Denmark or have us assist with custom clearance.

Customs Clearance Service

MSC Denmark offers to facilitate Customs House Brokering performed by our AEO certified Customs House Broker. In order for us to ensure exact clearance, please submit all of the following:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificates including certificates of origin, if applicable.
  • Import Permits
  • Relevant HS/Tariff number
  • VAT/CVR number.

      Please ensure to be a registered importer with SKAT, before ordering any goods from abroad.

      SKAT can be contacted during normal business hours for all Customs related matters +45 72 22 18 18

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